Larry Diagle

  • Currently serves on staff with International Commission as the VP of the Area Strategy Team for Africa
  • 9+ years experience serving on staff as a Youth Minister in the local church. He currently serves on staff as a Youth Minister in Texas.
  • Has served as the Assistant Director of the Greater Houston Camp Association since 2007.
  • Helped to establish the vision and lay the groundwork for the youth camp work in Cuba.
  • Helped to establish and/or strengthen teenage camps in Cuba: (Moa: 2004 & 2005) (Camaguey: 2006)
  • Traveled to Costa Rica to help establish the ground work for a youth camp (2007).
  • Has given leadership to youth and preteen camps for over 10 years.
  • Has been involved in mission work in the Valley of Texas and Matamoras since 1994.
  • Went to youth camp as a high school student.

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