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Press On Missions"Press on Missions exists to train and equip leadership to evangelize and disciple students through youth camps and other effective youth ministry methods that honor and exalt Jesus."

Press on Missions' vision is to equip, encourage, challenge and train local leadership to better equip them for the work of youth ministry. Upon invitation Press On teams will be assembled to travel to those organizations in need in order to accomplish this vision.

In third world countries youth ministry leadership is in need of effective methods that can be implemented to help them in reaching their students and growing them in their Christian walk. Press On Missions will develop teams to help meet those needs. Local leadership will be greatly encouraged as they get to meet one on one with team members who will offer a wealth of knowledge and experience. This training and equipping of local leadership will be made possible because the Press On Missions team will be able to make its services available to local youth ministries in need at no cost.

To help local churches, associations, conventions, and/or ministries across the world in developing a youth camp to teach spiritual truths from God's word

Primary Goals

  • Establish a youth camp vision among local leadership.
  • Assist local leadership in conducting a youth camp.
  • Share God's truths with students.
  • Train and equip local leadership to be self-sufficient in leading future youth camps.
  • Help in securing needed resources for future youth camps.

To conduct training seminars, conferences and/or retreats in order to teach Biblical truths to encourage, equip and grow students and leadership in their Christian walk.

Secondary Goals

  • Sharing effective youth ministry methods with local youth ministry leadership.
  • Assist local youth ministry leadership in developing an effective philosophy of youth ministry
  • Providing resources for local youth ministry leadership.
  • Encouraging local youth ministry leadership.
  • Communicating God′s truths with youth ministry leadership and students.


Primary Targets

  1. Local leadership in third world countries
  2. Local leadership in developed countries with developing youth ministries.
  3. Local leadership in churches in the U.S. who request assistance

Donate to Press On Missions and funds go towards Youth Scholarships, Camp Supplies, Camp Planning and more.

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